On the weekly chart (left) we can see a significant rise for FCAU, breaking from a sideways channel mid-2017 and lifting to the end of Jan.2018.   This lift created a channel structure and overall we are watching to see if the market continues to lift within the channel, or breaks from it.   

Note the blue dashed horizontal lines: these are Fibonacci levels and the market has been following them well.  Market reactions (reversals or consolidations) can be seen to occur at these and we can continue to expect to see more of the same (up or down).

The daily chart (right) shows two price levels (highlighted in solid orange) which represent the highs and lows of the current consolidation.  Any of the technicals between the highlighted levels can also be used for technical trigger considerations and moves, however until the current consolidation from Feb 2018 has been broken the market could continue to bounce around inside it.

IF we see the market continue to lift within the channel then we are looking to the next Fibonacci levels above the market as well the channel resistance for the next target levels / technicals to watch.  IF the market breaks lower and falls out of the rising channel, we can see 2 more channels below the market that need to be watched for market reactions.  A move back to retest the lowest channel that was broken out of mid-2017 would be normal (technical) market movement.