The weekly view (left chart) shows HOG has fallen off from highs in 2014;  a bounce from 2016 has lifted / retraced that market drop more than 61.8%.  Recent resistance has been found and if the market continues to fall there is a possibility of significantly more drop to come.  The long-term weekly chart shows that a move back to the previous lows of 2008 is technically possible  - around $12.00 or less.

The daily perspective (right chart) shows us the most recent topping and fall off.  The current drop has done so while finding support and bouncing at significant technical levels on the way down - we could expect to continue to see this.  There is a potential wedge pattern developing, however we still need to see if the market will drop to and then find support from the lower pattern support for confirmation (lowest orange highlighted trend s/r on weekly & daily charts).

Solid orange lines highlight potential technical trigger considerations, dashed orange arrows offer potential moves for consideration.  We are watching for market reactions and moves from one technical to the next (up or down) and as the market moves and bounces between theses, it offers both short term and long term potential opportunities for consideration.

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