MACRO ANALYTICS - 01-30-20 - Emerging Era of Global Conflict - Part III


  1. The Real Rate of Global Economic Growth is now insufficient relative to the real global debt encumbrance,
  2. Global stresses and incorrect policy adjustments have addressed the Symptom and not the root cause,
  3. The shift to Unsound Money and Fiat Currencies have placed the global system on a roadway that has historically always ended badly,
  4. We presently have an unbalanced and fragile global economic system that historically should have already been expected to have incurred a "stability test".
  5. The "Stability Test" is neither planned nor controlled. Any flaw or imbalance can trigger it.
  6. For the system to survive it must be self correcting or be adjusted by Financial, Economic or Public Policy adjustments
  7. The Era of Global Conflict will add pressures on an already fragile economic system.


  1. A Fragile Economic System PLUS an Era of Global Conflict & Turmoil will lead to more Defensive Investment postures.
  2. Growth and Momentum investment strategies will loss their luster.
  3. As highlighted at this years recent Davos Conference a shift has been noted in Global Institutional Investors from Public Markets to Private Markets,
  4. Defensive strategies will mean a move towards Value as defined by the Exter Pyramid,
  5. TIPPING POINT: We have reached the Tipping Point where we now insufficient Real Collateral Growth (Wealth) to support the required increasing rates of debt growth,

VIDEO: 30 Minutes and 34 Slides