The Primary Indicators for the S&P 500 are still giving a positive market bias despite market turbulence and Monday's largest sell-off since January 4th.

The MATASII Macro Analytic Primary Indicators are still in an upward trend and as of 05-13-19 no violations have as yet occurred despite a 70 point S&P 500 drop in a single day at the close.

  • A break of the Monthly 12 MMA (first chart) and the 5 EMA (second chart) need to be monitored closely.
  • A break of these is usually an indication of at least multi-week market weakness (or worse).
  • Currently the Regression Channel starting with the Financial Crisis lows is acting as support.

We will update the Secondary and Tertiary Macro Analytic Indicators for further granularity and clearer indications of what to watch for in the Shorter to more Immediate term.