Last spring we gave some potential technical entry considerations for the FANG & NOSH stocks.  Below is the watch list given showing the Long & Short considerations, the current price as of this post, and the return that could have resulted.  Note that all the markets are currently off their 52 week highs and even larger returns were potentially possible.

The watch list and its components are derived from significant market research: this can be found throughout our site.  Once the research has identified market sectors and securities, technical analysis is then used for entry & end exit timing considerations.

Symbol: links to company's Strategic Investment Insights (SII) page and technical chart. Chart link via TradingView; "real-time" charts as provided via TradingView and BATS exchange. Charts are a complete market road map and contain multiple technical ideas / opportunities, significant market levels, potential targets, and technicals to be aware of. (HPTZ Methodology)

Current Price: Market price as provided via Google Finance (20min delayed).  This "lights up" and is highlighted when the current price nears a long or short technical entry consideration, alerting to take note.

LONG / SHORT: Prices taken from charts and identify the break of significant technicals holding the market: offer potential opportunities for consideration.

Notes: (For this post) Showing current performance from breaks of technical considerations.

Change %: market change from last close, change from 52 week high, 52 week high.