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  • SPX Update 2018 03 26
    March 26, 2018
    Last update (2017 10 17) we noted a large expanding wedge pattern bounding the markets lift since 2009 and the increasing potential for extreme volatility. The S&P has since lifted significantly, slightly breaking up through the wedge patterns resistance and touching the next Fibonacci level.
  • USD & Market Correlations
    February 6, 2018
    Our recent USD technical update showed a potential for the drop since the beginning of 2017 to come to an end.  Several significant technicals can be seen near the current market location and  there is a possibility for the USD to find support some time in the near future. Here is a look at a
  • USD Technical Update 2017 10 16
    October 16, 2017
    Long Term View Last update we reviewed a perspective we have been following for a number of years : Of note are the two large ellipses: these are identical, with the ellipse on the right being a copy of the ellipse on the left, shifted over and moved down slightly.  Also to note is the
  • SPX Technical Update 2017 06 19
    June 19, 2017
    Weekly: the chart to the right shows what we had given last update, the red numbers 1-3 have been added and highlight the targets the market moved through. You can see these in the current weekly chart below, with the market sitting at target  3. Since last update the market lifted in to HPTZ1;
  • TNX 10yr Technical Update
    June 12, 2017
    Weekly: The last time we updated the TNX we were watching for a potential move lower to fill a gap (yellow highlight).  This occurred, and the market now sits at several significant technicals. The pattern for the lift since June 2016 could be seen as a potential expanding wedge, with the market
  • USD Technical Update
    June 5, 2017
    Long Term Weekly View This is a perspective we have been following for a few years now.  Both blue ellipses are identical, the second a copy & paste of the 1st, moved over and down slightly. Although the lift from 2009 is no longer riding the ellipse edge, this edge is still a significant
  • GOLD Technical Update and IDEA
    May 28, 2017
    Gold long term monthly view: The market sits at an interesting confluence of technicals, all significant, and how they break or hold could show us the next move. At the current market location we can see gold just coming up to a purple long term monthly target. Around this area we can see: (1)
  • TNX CBOE 10yr Treasury Note Yield Technical Update
    January 21, 2017
    WEEKLY View: A long term descending wedge pattern can be seen coming from the left of the chart; this has recently been violently broken through: the lift can be seen to reach significant pattern resistance.  The last few weeks have seen the market fall off slightly from the recently made high,
  • SPX Nov 27 2016
    November 27, 2016
    SPX FIB PRICE & TIME ANALYSIS Our fist chart for SPX is taking a look at some Fibonacci price & time objectives.  We've seen this chart before: take a look at the previous post where I explain the current Fib level we have reached and how it was derived. If the market continues to lift