VIDEO: 42 Minutes with 32 Supporting Slides


We are now in the midst of Phase IV of the global evolving nature of mercantilism, which we have termed "Revalued Mercantilism" in this video.
The impact of Supply Chain problems in the Post-Covid lock-down period has ushered in some profound changes in thinking regarding Risk.
As a result new attitudes have emerged towards Re-shoring, De-Globalization and De-Financialization. As a result the value and importance of Commodities has taken center stage. This is not a fad but a central change in an accelerating shift from a Uni-Polar world to a Multi-Polar world.
Commodities have increasingly become real collateral in trade financing. Commodities as "hard assets" have become money which is giving greater power to a powerful trade block now being referred to as the "Southern Nations" versus Emerging Markets.