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While extensive Market Research & Analytics are employed to identify Insights, Sectors and the securities placed on the Watch Lists; Technical Analysis is used for market timing and trading decisions. The High Probability Target Zones Methodology is used to locate significant supports / resistances, patterns, break-out opportunities and other technicals of importance. The method creates a market “road map” that clearly identifies potential trade opportunities and the levels that should be looked at for entries, exits, and stops.

HPTZ High Probability Target Zones

The HPTZ Methodology was the subject of a Masters Thesis paper for the IFTA  (International Federation of Technical analysis), and had the distinction of being  published in their 2015 yearly journal. (Direct D/L Link for PDF; pg.15: Identification of High Probability Target Zones). 

Several different technical tools and methods are integrated and overlapped via a common denominator.  When these perspectives all appear to align, converge or show a confluence in a specific time & price area on the chart, we have a High Probability Target Zone to look towards. 

Setting up the chart to find HPTZ’s identifies the significant technicals for the market, creating an accurate market road map that can be used as the backbone for any investing or trading style. 

We’ve been doing this for a while. Below is a video exemplifying the charts and method, created when we were still TRIGGER$.ca. The charts in the video below were real time market assessments, published to a subscriber base.  “Proof of concept” for the HPTZ Methodology was not done through standard back testing, but rather real time published analysis over several years were used. 

ACTIONABLE CHARTS Market Road Maps, Technical Set-Ups & IDEAS

Note the movement of the market from technical to technical. Consolidations and Reversals usually occur at a technical, when these complete, the market then moves to the next. These provide opportunities for short term trading or longer term investment strategies.  The market road map created by the technicals makes opportunities obvious and clearly identifies areas of risk. 

  • Solid orange horizontal lines highlight significant technical levels and offer IDEAS for potential trade / investing opportunities. Orange dashed arrows highlight potential market moves from one technical to the next.

  • Note the movement of the market through the technicals, pausing and consolidating at some, bouncing from others – moving from technical to technical. As well as the IDEAS we highlight, the market road map shows many more opportunities that could be taken advantage of, depending on your own style and risk tolerances.

  • Technical set-up and potential trade IDEAS for TGT.  Support & resistance had been found between two green s/r zones: breaking these (up or down) offered technical trigger considerations (orange highlighted) for a move to the next technicals.

  • Proof of concept paper trade taken on May 12th after trigger consideration had been moved over; market drops and gaps down in to HPTZ target, exited position May 18th, + $7.83 or 10.34% in a quick 5 day trade (weekend excluded).


  • Market dropping and coming up on a green s/r zone and a potential trigger consideration if zone is broken.  A break of $22.50 could see the maret drop down to the blue s/r zone  zone (as indicated by orange dashed arrow).

  • “X” marks the same location on both charts to help with orientation.  From X we see a wiggle before a gap down that opens at the technical trigger consideration; ANF then drops through a weekly target before finding support and bouncing at the top of the blue s/r zone. Had you held out the next lift there would have been some nervousness (but little pain) as the market moved back to the entry price level before another significant gap down in to another weekly target. From there ANF continues to fall off, reaching the target level at the bottom of the blue s/r zone in Nov.2016.  Since then the market has continued to move lower, currently sitting around $11.40 (+ 49% from initial short trigger consideration)

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