VIDEO: 40 Minutes with 34 Supporting Slides

This video with Charles Hugh Smith is a natural follow-on from the concerns we have been warning about in our last few Macro Analytic videos. As we enter October they now appear to be coming to fruition! As the title of this session tells us: "Grab a Life Vest!", because we currently see four Tsunami Waves which appear to be about to hit simultaneously!
We have additionally been talking a fair bit in prior videos regarding the impact of Moral Hazard, Unintended Consequences and flawed Monetary, Fiscal & Public Policy Failures. We are now seeing the direct result of these in these four Tsunami Waves which are quickly approaching.
Fully appreciate that all four of these tsunami waves stem from the US departing from the critically important economic foundational restrictions of:
  • Sound Money Policy,
  • Producing More Than You Consume,
  • Maintaining Capitalism Not Creditism for the generation of Savings towards Productive Investment,  and
  • Economic Freedom through Self Reliance and Individualism.