VIDEO: 35 Minutes with 50 Supporting Slides


1.Market manipulation and gaming has robbed desperately needed, massive amounts of investment capital (which will become increasingly more scarce).

2. Investment is required to:

  i. Facilitate a more highly productive labor force (training, education, longevity retention, incentives et al) …. and the

  ii. Invest in sustaining competitive advantage (accommodation of Gen Y & Z cultural expectations, resource sustainability and shifting work/life balance needs).

3.It is likely that the work force is about to profoundly change labor as it rebels with disposable incomes getting crushed and standards of living squeezed further.

4.Companies are not prepared for coming collapsing profits if real labor productivity is not improved.

5.Further cost cutting will prove to be a failed waste as the work force increasingly rejects historical corporate norms which no longer facilitate a more personally rewarding and balanced "quality of life"!