Our long term weekly perspective (left chart) shows AXL in a potential contracting wedge pattern.  Solid orange highlights the patterns support & resistance; breaking these offers potential opportunities for the next significant move from the market.  Along with the patterns support & resistance, blue s/r zones can be seen to have held the market, both from above and below.  These also offer potential opportunities: we would expect market reaction at them, and when broken through, a move to the next blue s/r zone or other significant technical.

The indicators are suggesting more potential lift in the near future: the weekly W%R in particular looks like it could have more lift before rolling over.  Note the market has fallen off from highs, and at this point the "highs" are lower than previous, suggesting a topping is in process.  More play could be in store for AXL to bounce around in the large weekly wedge pattern; when this breaks there is potnetial for a significant market move.

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